Seamless calculation for your eCommerce Business. Semlis works out your profit margin on items you sell, it will tell you if an item is making a loss or profit. No more excel sheets and guesswork. Our complex algorithm does all the work for you, with a simple click you can change the prices across multiple sales channels. Price changes from suppliers could cost you days of work but with Semlis it can be done in minutes with no effort.

It does not stop there it can be used as a repricer as well, it is more powerful than any other repricer on the market. All the fees can be easily adjusted to your liking, you can input it manually or it can take into account eBay’s managed payment fee structure based on eBay categories or Amazon fee structure, be it FBA or MFN. It has a clever reporting system which helps in making your business more profitable.

These are some of the amazing things Semlis can do there is much more to it. There is not a single App on the market that can do what Semlis can. It is designed and built by a team who are IT Professional but more importantly sells online on several marketplaces for over 10 years, so we have first-hand experience.


-Synchronize information between Semlis, Amazon, Linnworks, eBay, Magento, Shopify, WordPress and much more.
-Look up and update product details in the Linnworks Inventory.
-Easily determine the Profit/Lost of each product
-Set minimum and maximum selling prices, it can be set both as percentage and a numeric value.
-Reprice based on stock level, (Rule Engine) if a SKU stock level is less than 10pc, then change the price to 12.99 (original price is 10.99)
-Set prices based on weight, dimension, and country
-Set Amazon Business / Amazon FBA Prices
-Set Amazon Business / Amazon FBA Prices
-Webstore price management
-Works out your VAT obligations if you are carrying out cross border trading
-Automatic currency exchange, should you change prices on your Main marketplace it will automatically apply that day’s currency exchange rate and change prices on your international marketplaces.
-Has clever repricer for Amazon and eBay with event / competitor tracing and Listing insights.
-Accounts for promotion / marketing fee.
-Accounts for Daily outgoing.
-Accounts for Daily Profit / Loss.
-Top 50 Items – (If sale is low the system will tell us)
-Packing Cost -Manual – Automatic (Linnworks)